Skip to content Police Visited Toad Fans and Forbade Them from Celebrating Jiang’s Birthday

Today, August 17, 2016, is the 90th birthday of Jiang Zemin, the former top leader of the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China. Prior to today, the Chinese authorities warned “Toad Fans” in Mainland China that they should not to celebrate Jiang Zemin’s birthday. There has been a very popular saying among the Chinese public that Jiang Zemin was reincarnated from a toad. “Toad Fans” refer to Jiang’s online supporters. 

Wu Qiang, a former Tsinghua University lecturer, said that some people would have wanted to hold a birthday party, but the police came to their homes and warned them not to have any party and not to mention Jiang Zemin’s name.
Xi Jinping, the top leader of China, is apparently blocking Jiang Zemin’s nicknames, most of which relate to a “toad.” Today, Jiang Zemin is very unpopular among the Chinese people, whether within the communist system or in the ordinary society because of his corruption, the persecution that went on under his rule, and his offering of land to foreign countries.
One person who is apparently within the Chinese Communist Party system has published a summary of “Toad Jiang’s” 10 crimes.
Source:, August 16, 2016