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China to Tighten Management of Social Organizations

Guangming Daily reported that the General Office of the Party and the State Council jointly issued an opinion in regard to establishing management policies for social organizations. The article stated that the basic guidelines of the opinion include "assurance of the Party’s leadership within the social organizations and persistence in reform and renovation while advancing on a stable path." It also targets building a management system by 2020 which will enable the "registration of social organizations, assist them in defining policy and guidelines, as well as enabling the Party organization to play a more significant role." The opinion also indicated that the Ministry of Finance will continue to allocate funding to support social organizations. In addition, government employees are not allowed to have a dual management position in any foundations or social groups. [Editor’s note: Social organizations in China include social groups, foundations, and private non-enterprise units.]  

Source: Guangming Daily, August 22, 2016