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VOA: UN Rapporteur Reported Chinese Government Interference

Voice of America (VOA) recently reported that Philip Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, told Reuters, after his nine-day trip to China, that the Chinese government interfered with his work. He explained that he had informed the Chinese government about the people he planned to meet during his UN mission to China and that this is considered the normal working procedure. However, the Chinese government did not arrange meetings with any of these individuals. When he actually communicated with some of his contacts, they told him that they had been advised to take a vacation during the time of his visit. Alston said that he never faced such a situation in any other country. As a UN Rapporteur, he is supposed to be able to visit any place and meet with anybody in any of the UN member countries. In his report, Alston also mentioned the serious corruption in China.
Source: Voice of America, August 24, 2016