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Agricultural Expert Warns Grain Price Increase

He Kaiying, Agricultural expert from Anhui Province is predicting that 18 percent price increase in Agricultural commodities since the beginning of the year will cause increase in processed food products in the upcoming months. He also warns that the grain price increase might lead to the inflation in the second half of the year. According to He, the grains cost has gone up 15 percent from last year while the grain price only increased by 6 percent. Cost Benefit Ratio has dropped to 16 percent from 21 percent a year ago. The recent survey suggested that over 10 percent of the surveyed farmers will reduce grain production this year. “Reduction in grain production is a dangerous signal. The reduction could cause grain price increase and the consequence can be very serious.” He said.

Source: Jing Ji Can Kao Bao, April 7, 2008