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Be on Guard against the U.S. as Gary Locke Brings a ‘New Colonialism’ to China”

Guangming Daily, one of China’s major official newspapers, published an article on August 16, 2011, titled “Be on Guard against the U.S. as Gary Locke Brings a ‘New Colonialism’ to China.” The article, which was removed from Guangming Daily, is still available on several other major official websites. It criticizes U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke and his family for intentionally carrying their own luggage to Beijing without any assistants, security guards, or a luxurious warm welcome filled with pomp, flowers, and applause so as to win the Chinese people’s heart and strengthen the forces inside China that support the United States and divide China ideologically.  “Gary Locke’s arrival demonstrates the climax of the new colonialism in the information age. The ideological conflict between China and the United States has broken out in a full scale.”

The article compares the new colonialism with a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing. “Though its appearance has changed, the predatory nature has never changed.” As for Gary Locke’s Chinese American identity, the article assumes that it must be the Unites States’ vile intention to use a Chinese to deal with China in order to incite political unrest in China.

Source: Guangming Daily, August 16, 2011