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Chinese Foreign Aid Tops Developing Countries, Much Higher Than India

On March 13, Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao suggested in a press conference that before 2008 China waive more than 40 billion RMB worth of debt from 46 lesser developed countries while providing over 200 billion RMB of foreign aid to developing countries. He also mentioned that the United States provided less than 1/4 of promised aid in 2005.

Beginning in 1950, the Chinese foreign aid program now tops developing countries. During fiscal year 2006 to 2007, India only provided USD $500 million in aid although USD $1 billion was promised. Brazil, another large developing country, received more aid than it provided.

Chinese aid does not have political conditions attached, which makes it well received by developing countries. Currently there are more than 140 countries receiving aid from China.

Source: Elite Reference, March 21, 2009