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Xinhua: By Using Counter-Terrorism to Attack China, the U.S. Exposes Its Sham Side

Xinhua published a commentary claiming that the U.S. uses counter-terrorism as an excuse to attack China and has adopted a double standard in its actions.

The commentary stated that China has been responsible in cooperating with the U.S. in its counter-terrorism effort, but the U.S. does not treat China the same way. It brought up the recently published 2010 National Counter-terrorism Center (NCTC) Report on Terrorism and said that Washington misinterpreted China’s efforts against the East Turkestan Organizations’ combat effort.

According to the commentary, when the U.S. looks at the “violent” incidents in Xinjiang, it sees the Uyghur’s human rights movement and “discredits” China for using “excessive military force” to suppress it. The article also objects to the U.S. sending the East Turkestan terrorists who are jailed at Guantanamo Bay to Albania rather than to China, out of fear for their safety. It claims that “the U.S. has adopted a double standard in its counter-terrorism effort, which exposes its sham side.”

Source: Xinhua, September 8, 2011