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Government to Curb Steel Production

Ministry Industry and Information Technology has serious concerns over surplus in steel production and recently issued an urgent directive to curb the steel production plant. The notice titled “Control the Over Production in Steel Manufacturing” urged the commercial banks to discontinue the lending to those factories who continue to grow its production while disregarding market demand. The notice stated that “total production in 2009 only needs to maintain at 4.7 billion tons to meet the demand while the production output has exceeded between 25 – 30 percent.”

The latest statistics released by the Custom office suggested that the steel export in April was 1.4 million ton, 260,000 ton less than March and down 70.5 percent compared with the same period last year. April year to date export was 6.55 tons, down 59.5 percent compared with last year. For Jan and Feb, large to mid size steel factories lost 15.5 billion yuan, which have been five straight months of financial loss since last October. Among those, half of the factories with production output above 5 million tons suffered financial losses.

Source: May 13, 2009, 21st Century News Group