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Xinhua: Washington Still Hanging on a Cliff

Xinhua quoted Hong Kong Wen Wei Po’s article, reporting that in the U.S., there are many companies like General Motors and Citibank that are in trouble, indicating the U.S. economy is still struggling, far from what the Washington officials claim “U.S. economy has reached the bottom.” “No wonder Obama’s hair has turned grey after taking office.”

GM’s stock went down to $1.09 per share on May 12. It was taken out of the Dow Jones Index and listed as junk stock. Citibank also went below $1 and was taken out of the Dow Jones Index. According to Bloomberg, in May 2000, the combined market value of GM and Ford was $100 billion, 50 times the market value of the  Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) Group. At the beginning of 2009, SAIC’s market value is more than Renminbi 40 billion yuan ($6 billion), more than the combined value of GM and Ford.

Source: Xinhua, May 22, 2009