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Study Times: Increasing People’s Wealth Leads To a Strong Nation

The CCP Central Party School’s newspaper, Study Times, recently published an article discussing the importance of increasing the Chinese people’s wealth. The key point is that compared to the growth of China’s national wealth, the growth of average people’s income has lagged far behind. According to a study of the period from 1995 to 2007, China’s fiscal income increased by 5.7 times, and the average yearly increase was 16%. In contrast, the average annual increase of city residents’ disposable income was 8%, and the average annual increase of rural residents’ disposable income was 6.2%. Consequently, many people are asking, “How can we spend more money when we don’t have any money?"

The article’s author argued that the ultimate goal of a country’s economic and social development is to let its people have a prosperous life. A “wealthy nation full of poor people” can never sustain a society’s healthy growth.

Source: Study Times, May 25, 2009.