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Huanqiu: Chinese People Support Punitive Retaliation against U.S. for Arms Sale to Taiwan

Regarding the current situation involving the U.S. arms sale to Taiwan, Huanqiu (the Chinese name for Global Times, a newspaper under Xinhua) surveyed the residents of seven cities from September 8-11, 2011. The results were that 84.1 percent of those surveyed oppose the U.S. selling advanced weapons to Taiwan; 76.1% support the Chinese government’s taking strong action to stop the U.S. arms sale; more than half support the government in retaliating by punishing the American companies involved in the arms sale.

Yuan Peng, an American expert at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said that the survey results demonstrate that the Chinese people are willing to cooperate if the government takes action on this issue; it is an expression of patriotic sentiment. If the U.S. does not change its decision, the Chinese people’s resentment toward the U.S. will not be satisfied with mere lip service.

Source: Huanqiu, September 14, 2011