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Behind China’s Largest Overseas Investment

The International Herald Leader published an article on the collapse of Rio Tinto’s controversial deal with China’s state-owned aluminum company, Chinalco. The Chinalco’s deal, valued at $24.3 billion, would have been China’s largest investment in a foreign company. Rio recently announced to would combine its large iron ore operations with BHP Billiton instead. 

The International Herald Leader blamed the scrap of the Chinalco deal on political reasons, mainly western countries’ anti-China mentality. The article stated that many politicians in the Canberra Congress raised the issue as jeopardizing Australia’s national interests. “The loss of the Chinalco Rio deal is not a loss of market competition, but rather a sacrifice resulting from a new form of ‘Cold War’ thought.” 
[Editor’s Notes: After Rio’s deal with Chinalco was announced, Australian businessman Ian Melrose spent $200,000 on television advertising, using images from the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protest to warn that the Chinese government-owned Chinalco should not be allowed to raise its stake in Rio Tinto to 18 per cent thereby increasing its control of Australia’s resources.] 
Source: International Herald Leader, June 8, 2009