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China Loosening Controls over Domestic Enterprises’ Overseas Purchases

Nanfang Daily reported that China has made policy changes to smooth the process for domestic enterprises to buy properties overseas. There are three check points for such purchases: National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) – checks on whether the investment is in line with national interests; Ministry of Commerce – checks on trade balance, anti-trust, WTO suit, etc; and State Administration of Foreign Exchange – approves use of foreign currencies. The Ministry of Commerce has relaxed their control.

In 2009, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange published “Foreign Currency Management Regulations on Domestic Enterprises’ Overseas Investments (Draft of Soliciting Opinions),” which changed the funds source verification process from approving before the investment to recording after the investment.

The Ministry of Commerce published “Measures for Overseas Investment Management” in March. The regulations have the following changes: 1. Ministry of Commerce will only review and approve a limited number of large overseas investments. 2. The process is simplified so that most companies only need to submit a form and receive an investment certificate in three working days. 3. The financial viability and feasibility of the investment is left to the company to decide.

Source: Nanfang Daily, June 2, 2009