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“Why Do Presidential Candidates, for No Reason, Always Pick China as a Topic”

People’s Daily Oversea’s Edition carried an article questioning why, without reason, presidential candidates always pick China as a topic.

The article named republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney. According to the article, even when Romney seems to lose his approval rating due to the high profile candidacy of Texas Governor Rick Perry, Romney’s words to “attack China” grow stronger in areas from trade, to patent rights, to currency. The article also mentioned the comments that Romney made in 2006 during his visit to China when he was the Massachusetts Governor, “China is a stronger competitor than expected. … It is important for the U.S. to interact with China based on free trade. … The US-China relationship should be bridged instead of building a concrete wall.”

The article points out that Romney’s inconsistent remarks and inter-changeable principles "demonstrate the bad trait of U.S. politics." It calls the U.S. “a country that is constantly looking for an opponent” and criticized the two parties for their “ignorant, arrogant, extreme statements (on China)” in order to attract voters’ attention.

Source: People’s Daily Oversea’s Edition, September 16, 2011