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VOA: How to Interpret China’s Rising?

Voice of America (VOA) published some experts’ opinions concerning China’s rising.  

Some highlights are:
1. The more Western countries ask China for help, the more China ignores Western countries. In the past, before a U.S. President came on a State visit to China, China released several political prisoners as a goodwill gesture. But now, China no longer feels such a gesture is necessary.

2. According to World Bank’s poverty standards, there are 800 million Chinese living below the poverty line. Besides, China’s small to mid- sized enterprises are struggling to survive. Additionally, there are complicated social problems and a suffocating political system. So China is not really rising.

3. China’s economic performance was a fake prosperity. China’s government plunged six trillion yuan into the economy, but the money was absorbed by the real estate industry. Now China’s real estate market is a bubble ready to burst. In 2010, the crisis will truly damage China.

Source: VOA, December 20, 2009