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Post Crisis Period: Focus on External Political Risks

Xinhua recently published an official report by China Renmin University that talked about risks after the rebalancing of the world economy. The report discussed three changes after the crisis: (1) The U.S. will hold onto the services market while Europe will be marginalized; (2) High end manufacturing, represented by Japan and Germany, will decrease while the low end will increase; (3) U.S. dominance of the global financial system will weaken while East Asia has an opportunity. The report also listed four Chinese risks: (1) Wrong international positioning; (2) The fight for profit; (3) Tightened liquidity; (4) Political risks – non-economic means of re-balancing. The report concluded with three recommendations: (1) Improve the Chinese financial market’s maturity; (2) Promote regional financial cooperation; (3) Improve Chinese export products structure towards the higher end.

Source: Xinhua, March 26, 2010