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China to Invest 400 Billion Yuan in 3G Network

China is going to beef up its investment in promoting 3G mobile networks over the next two years. On April 8, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and seven more ministries jointly issued a “Notice on Promoting the Development of 3G Mobile Communication Network,” outlining the goal and implementation strategy for 3G-network development. The notice calls for 3G-network coverage in all cities at or above the prefecture level and the majority of counties, towns, major highways and tourist areas, by 2011. 400 billion Yuan will be invested in 3G-network construction and over four hundred thousand 3G base stations will be built to support one hundred fifty million 3G users.

According to MIIT, China had only 16 million 3G users as of February 2010.

Source: Shanghai Stock Information Service, April 9, 2010