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CRN: U.S. Has Started an Agricultural Products War against China

China Review News (CRN) recently published an article discussing U.S. agro-based products invading Chinese markets en masse. In fact, China is the largest market for U.S. produce, amounting $10.6 billion for the first half of 2010. China now buys more than half of the total U.S. soybean export volume. U.S. soybean companies control 40% of the Chinese soybean processing capabilities and 90% of the imports. Chinese external dependency on vegetable oil has risen to 60%. After the soybean monopoly, U.S. corn is attacking China too – the Chinese import of U.S. corn has been growing rapidly since last year. The article called for 100% or 101% food self-sufficiency as a “strategic weapon.” The author quoted Henry Kissinger in its conclusion, “If you control oil, then you control all nations; if you control food, then you control everyone.”

Source: China Review News, June 3, 2010