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CRN: Two Major Strategies for Rebalancing China-US Economy

China Review News (CRN) recently reviewed an article published by China Securities Journal, discussing how to rebalance the China-US trade relationship. The article recommended four policies: (1) invest directly in the US; (2) diversify export markets; (3) adjust the foreign investment structure; (4) acquire international natural resources. The article also suggested four reforms: (1) reform the structure of the economy; (2) reform the mechanism of growth (to be more consumer-driven); (3) reform pricing of the factors of production, such as land; (4) speed up the urbanization process. In conclusion, the article called for implementation of two financial strategies: (1) establish a multilayer capital market system in order to obtain international pricing power for commodities; (2) speed up the process of RMB internationalization.

Source: China Review News, July 14, 2010