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Xinhua: Only 50% of Urban Job Seekers Can Find Work

On September 10, 2010, Xinhua republished a news report from regarding unemployment problems in China. Below are the major points:

There is an oversupply of laborers in the job market. This year in the cities, around 24 million people are in need of employment; there is work for only 12 million of them. There are 6.3 million college graduates this year plus 6 million middle and high school graduates who will not pursue further studies. In the rural areas, there are over 100 million surplus laborers. At the same time, a large number of urban laid-off workers and retired military personnel need to be replaced.

In recent years, it has been found that "recruitment difficulties" and "employment difficulties" coexist. It is difficult to recruit migrant workers in the spring, while college graduates have a hard time finding jobs in the fall, after they graduate. This phenomenon highlights the aggravated structural problem in the area of employment. 

Source: Xinhua, September 10, 2010