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PLA Major General: The Major External Threats to Us Are from the U.S.”

On September 25, 2011, PLA Major General Luo Yuan told an audience of about 400 at the Wenhui newspaper lecture room, “I view the full range of strategic threats from the United States as the most major external threats to us.” Luo summarized the U.S. threats as the threat of the (democratic) system and the military threat. “The U.S. government spends $4.4 billion in strategic funds each year on foreign subversion, infiltration, and intervention. Previously, their targeted country was the former Soviet Union, but now their main target is China.” 

In his speech, Luo gave a detailed explanation of how China is facing U.S. military containment and why China must develop its military, build up its information armed forces, and prepare to win an information war.

Source: China Gate, October 3, 2011

(Ed. Note: The original article, which was published on Wenhui, is no longer available.)