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China Business Times: U.S. Companies Responsible for China’s Real Estate Bubble

Huanqiu reprinted an article from China Business Times stating that U.S. Wall Street companies are responsible for the real estate bubble in China. China’s real estate bubble is being driven up by speculation on Wall Street. "They use all available tools, sometimes to sing the blues, and other times to flatter the Chinese real estate market. Their sole purpose is to make a profit.” Take MSREFIII International and MSREFIV International (both Morgan Stanley funds), for example. According to the article, 50% of their funds went to China where Morgan Stanley obtained Chinese government support and approval to jointly develop real estate with Chinese partners. They soon bought out their Chinese partners and took over control of the real estate. “They have now sold out their residential and office buildings. … Their profits on paper are at least 100%,” said the article. 

Source: Huanqiu, October 15, 2010