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CRN: China Needs to Engage in Full-scale Public Diplomatic Relations with the United States

China Review News (CRN) published an article proposing strategies to cope with the recent bill in Congress, the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011. The article says that Washington has to face the reality that the U.S. cannot ignore China’s existence and its role in almost every area today; therefore both countries should increase communication and understanding. The article proposed four action items that China should take: 1). Conduct public diplomatic relations with select Congressional leaders of the U.S. Senate and House; 2). Conduct public diplomatic relations with targeted U.S. enterprises and with interest groups representing various industries; 3). Conduct public diplomatic relations with the important U.S. think tanks and with the scholars who can influence the issues related to the bill; 4). Via printed materials, radio and TV programs, movies, TV series, and various other media, introduce a living China to the American public. 

Source: China Review News, October 11, 2011