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Qiushi Article Warns of Over-urbanization as a Threat to Food Supply

Qiushi, the core publication of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party published an article on its website warning that urbanization at the current excessive rate is posing a serious threat to China’s food supply. The threat is three-pronged: a reduction in the farming population, in farmland itself, and in government funds. “This will inevitably lead to the food crisis arriving much sooner than anticipated.” The article stated that the authorities have manipulated the composition of the price index by increasing the weight of housing prices and expenditures on education. Their objective is to reduce the impact of food prices and ease the public’s concern over inflation. “This is just like a thief, who covers his ears when he steals a bell. It will not allay fears of inflation. It may, instead, conceal the impact of over-urbanization on the supply of food.”

Source: Qiushi, February 16, 2011