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Chinese Military Expert: U.S. Competes with China over its Military Influence in Asia Pacific

Huanqiu published an opinion article written by Han Xudong, a professor at China’s National Defense University, on the military competition between the U.S. and China.

According to Han, the U.S. has been fighting with China over its military influence in the Asia Pacific region on issues including the Korean Peninsula, the sale of arms to Taiwan, and the South China Sea. Han claimed that the U.S. and China are demonstrating their military muscle in different ways. The U.S. plan to build a super military base in Guam and expand its sale of arms to Asian Pacific countries is an indication of its effort to increase its presence in the region. As for China, it will increase its military cooperation, including military exercises, with countries in the region. In the mean time, China’s major effort will be to "increase the admission of more foreign students from the Asia Pacific region and spread the Chinese military security ideology to these students."

Source: Huanqiu, October 16,2011