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“Only with Determination and Being Unafraid to Perish Together Can We End the South Sea Game”

Huanqiu (Global Times) published a commentary following the announcement that the U.S. and the Philippines would conduct joint military exercises. The article suggested China should take a hard stance toward the U.S. even if it would mean "to die with the U.S. all together." The following is an abstract of the article:

“China champions a harmonious world. However, the U.S. and other countries viciously utilize that intention. They use it as a tool to blackmail and extort China to affect its diplomatic policy. China should change to a different way of thinking. When others repeatedly apply pressure, China does not need to so ‘determinedly’ insist on a peaceful position. Let others come to beg China for peace. As long as China is firm in its reasoning and powerful in its strength, those nations whose own security and interests are their priority will be more likely to give up the idea of disrespecting and tricking China.”

When the spokesperson for China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry was asked if the article represented the government’s position, she responded that the media had the right to express its own opinion, and believed that what the media said was based on the truth and the facts while maintaining a responsible attitude.

Source: Huanqiu, October 26, 2011