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Huanqiu: Foreign Media Always Make Low Class Mistakes

An opinion article published on the website of Huanqiu, a bi-lingual newspaper owned by People’s Daily, complained about Western media’s coverage of China’s Jasmine Revolution.

Without giving details, the article claimed it had received tips from Internet users that the photos that some foreign media recently used on China’s Jasmine revolution came from unrelated events in the past. The author criticized the reporting as “unprofessional” and full of “hostility.” “The Majority of Western media portray China as awkward, lacking transparency, and always on guard against other countries. They are spreading a big lie." It also questioned why China gets the most criticism and is labeled a “totalitarian regime.” The article concluded, “Let me say something. … China’s Internet users understand many languages. They like politics, debate, and make good observations. No foreign media will get away with spreading rumors about China.”

Source: Huanqiu, March 26, 2011