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Qiushi Forum: Internet Media Should Have a Gatekeeper

The website of Qiushi recently posted an article on its forum discussing the need for a “gatekeeper” for online media. It emphasized the growing importance of China’s online media, as the netizen population is 457 million, topping all other countries in the world. The author believes that the Internet has a large amount of “junk” information that pollutes people’s minds, especially young people. “Society needs a healthy, proactive, and high quality online environment, and needs ‘gatekeepers’ for online media.” The “gatekeepers” should “filter and monitor the accuracy, reliability, and objectivity of information, and select beneficial information for the audience from the jungle of cyberspace, so as to avoid a flood of information and misleading the netizens.” The “gatekeepers” include not only online journalists and editors, but also government supervision agencies. The netizens should also improve their capabilities of being “gatekeepers.” 

Source: Qiushi, February 21, 2011