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Tens of Thousands of Retired Military Officers Challenge Retirement Policy

A group of 23,000 retired military officers issued a complaint about a retirement policy between 1993 and 2000 (No. 93.1 policy), reports a civil rights organization in China. Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch has since published the complaint. The ex-officers complain about the hardships that the No. 93.1 policy has subjected them to. The retirement policy required the authorities to make a buyout lump sum payment (approximately $10,000 at the time). Once the payment was made the government was thus released of any obligation to make monthly retirement payment. Some of these ex-officers served in the People’s Liberation Army for as long as over 25 years. Many participated in the war against Vietnam in early 1979. The complaint calls for release of the details and open discussion of the retirement policy throughout the PLA.

Source: Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch, March 17, 2009