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Xinhua Comments on Explosions in Taiyuan

On November 7, Xinhua published a commentary on the multiple explosions that took place in front of the Provincial Communist Party building in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province.

“On November 6, there was an explosion in front of the Provincial Party building with one fatality, one in critical condition, and seven with minor injuries. Police have found steel balls and circuit boards on the site. The preliminarily determination is that the explosions were set off deliberately.” 

“Some recent bombings have gone beyond an ordinary individual ‘venting,’ and have even put on the cloak of terrorism. As ordinary citizens, on the one hand, [we] should be vigilant and create in the whole society a situation ‘to prevent and to fight back against such actions so that acts of extreme violence will have no opportunity to start. On the other hand, we must also remain cool and calm and not exaggerate the significance of such extreme violence. China has already entered the era of a complex society. Modern terrorism and extremist activities outside China are very frequent. Inevitably there are a few flies [in China] that follow them.” 
“Security and order are still the main theme in China. The law will eventually punish any acts of extreme violence.” 
Source: Xinhua, November 7, 2013