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Media Survey Showed Most People Used “Exhausted” to Describe Their Feelings during 2013

Guangming Daily reported that, in November 2013, Insight China magazine and the Media Survey Lab of Tsinghua University conducted a survey in which 2013 Chinese people participated. The survey results showed that most people had mixed feelings about their lives in 2013. The description that was used most to describe their feelings durig 2013 was that they were exhausted both physically and mentally.

The article quoted Fu Chunsheng, the Principal of Beijing Boai Psychological Medical Research Institute on why Chinese people felt exhausted. According to Fu, feeling exhausted is a reflection of people’s lack of a personal value system in their lives. Therefore, they tend to lack a goal in life; they do not know who they are or why they are busy with life. Another reason is that people often felt insecure due to the uncertainties in their lives: they were unable to afford a car or housing and were therefore unable to get married. In addition to feeling exhausted, people also used “uninterested,” “good,” “busy,” and “irritated” to describe their feelings.

Source: Guangming Daily, December 6, 2013