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People’s Daily: Three Concerns about the U.S. Return to East Asia

An article in the November 18, 2011, issue of People’s Daily overseas edition discussed [China’s] three concerns about the U.S. “return” to East Asia. The first concern is that it may change the current cooperation model. The cooperation in East Asia has been under the ASEAN model for many years. After joining the East Asia cooperation, will the United States become host in a quest to challenge the “East Asia Model” and promote the “American Model?” This is a big question mark. The second is the introduction of sensitive political security issues. The U.S. claims very openly that it will focus on promoting political security cooperation at the East Asia Summit. Overly introducing political security issues, particularly controversial issues, will not only fail to help the development of East Asia cooperation. On the contrary, it may intensify regional conflicts. The third is that it may cause a dispute between China and the U.S. Many scholars believe that the U.S. “return” to East Asia is to cope with the rise of China and prevent China from becoming dominant. In the current situation, whether China and the U.S. will develop a relationship that involves mutual respect, is mutually beneficial, and will cooperate as partners will directly impact the progress of future East Asian cooperation.

Source: People’s Daily, November 18, 2011