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IHL: U.S. Aid to China Will Decrease in Public but Increase behind the Scenes”

The International Herald Leader, which is under Xinhua News Agency, published an analytical article regarding the U.S. decision to decrease aid to China. The article asserted that the U.S. government’s aid to China will gradually decrease in public, but funding to support “the promotion of human rights and democracy” will increase behind the scenes. The article said, “‘Aid to China’ is not so simple and filled with good will. … A considerable number of the programs for China aid that the the U.S. Congress has approved are so-called ‘democracy aid’ and ‘human rights aid.’ Some human rights religious NGOs conduct clandestine activities and even support some of the dividing forces or anti-China forces. … In the new international situation, such aid is an important means for the U.S. government to realize its interests utilizing its soft power.”

Source: International Herald Leader, December 2, 2011