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Huanqiu: Revive the Silk Road and Break the U.S. Containment of China

Huanqiu published an article suggesting that, now that the U.S. has reentered the Asia Pacific Region, China should adjust its geographic strategy in reaction to U.S. strategy.

The article called Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to Myanmar a significant move in U.S. Asian policy. It stated that the U.S. has changed its strategy towards China’s neighboring countries, following the end of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a change that targets China. The move has the purpose of preventing China from surpassing the U.S. in Asia. The article suggested that China should revisit its geographic strategy. An example it gave was that China could express its intention of building a strategic partnership with Afghanistan by opening the Wakhan Corridor and having China’s development of the Kashgar Economic Zone include developing an economic cooperation plan with Afghanistan. China could also form a strategic agreement with Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the long run, China should advocate forming a five-country dialog and establishing economic cooperation with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and India so as to revive the “Historic Silk Road.”

Source: China Review News, December 1, 2011