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Selected Speeches by Jiang Zemin

[Editor’s Note: Former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong, a mind-body spiritual exercise in China, in July 1999. The following are the original documents of Jiang Zemin’s order to crack down on Falun Gong.]

The notification from the central office of the central committee of the Chinese communist party (CCCCP) on printing and distribution of “comrade jiang zemin’s letter to the standing committee members of the political bureau of the central committee of the Chinese communist party (CCCCP) as well as to other leaders”

In the morning of April 25th, 1999, some Falun Gong practitioners rallied around Zhongnanhai in succession, the number reached over 10,000. The outcome from processing this event is the issuance of the following two documents: “The Report on the Situation of Rally of Falun Gong Practitioners around Zhongnanhai” (Central Office 1999 #11) and “The Report on the Situation of Dealing with the Rally of Falun Gong Practitioners around Zhongnanhai” (Central Office 1999 #12) by the Central Office of CCCCP and the Central Office of the State Council.

In the evening of April 25th, Comrade Jiang Zemin wrote a letter to the standing committee members of the Political Bureau of CCCCP as well as other leaders. The letter profoundly analyzed the event, thoroughly expounded the reasons of the problems, and pointed out the lessons that need to be learned. The letter also made a  clear requirement for us to take the warning from this event, to draw inference from it for other similar cases, and to take measures to prevent this kind of incidents from happening again. This letter is printed and distributed to you now. You need to organize the standing committee members of the Chinese Communist Party to study and carry out the measures. Report to the CCCCP about your studying and your implementation of  the measures.

CCCCP Central Office, April 27th, 1999.

Comrade Jiang Zemin’s Letter to the Standing Committee Members of the Political Bureau of CCCCP as well as to other leaders (April 25, 1999)

Today’s event is worth our reflection. All of sudden, more than 10,000 people surrounded the gate of the center of the nation’s authority without anybody’s noticing, and it lasted for a whole day. The strictness of its organizing disciplines and the swiftness of its information spreading are really extraordinary. However, our related departments did not have slightest idea nor any awareness in advance, yet  the contacting information of Falun Gong organization{organizing the event} can be easily found on the Internet.

Shouldn’t this cause us ponder? The rapid development of the information technology has given us a new subject. The computers that we have been allocated to each department are not few at all. Has anybody noticed these important social trends? If somebody has noticed it, why there has not been any reflection in the reports? All these problems should be examined seriously. After the event, western media immediately reported with fomenting romance. Does this have any relations with overseas, western forces? Is there any plotting or dictating from any “Master-Hand” behind the scene?

This event is a new signal. It must have our high recognition and our attention. A sensitive period has come. Strong measurements must be employed in a strict manner in the precaution against similar events from happening again. This mass-rally involved the largest numbers of people after the 1989 storm (Students’ hunger strike in Tian-An-Men square) in Beijing area. I have emphasized so many times that “a stitch in time saves nine”; we should strengthen our system of asking for instruction (beforehand) and submit report (afterwards) for major events.

Since 1992, the activities of Falun Gong have become a social force involving many party members, cadres, intellectuals, military personnel and workers/farmers. Yet, we have not been alert for such a long time. I have deep regrets about this. A couple of days ago, Falun Gong people held a magazine’s editor’s office in Tianjin. Before this, events such as Falun Gong containing administrative organizations, and holding sit-ins had also taken place in other areas. Nevertheless, they have not drawn our attention or any high recognition from the leaders of those areas. Their further actions have not been monitored closely either.

The experiences and lessons learned from this event (April 25th) must be seriously studied and summarized by related (government) departments and sections. And inferences should be drawn from this instance to other cases. The occurrence of this event also illustrated the weakness of our work in political ideology, and our works with public opinion. We must use correct world-views, philosophy, and values to educate the massive cadres and people.

Can’t we, the communists with our belief in Marxism, Materialism, and Atheism, win over that suit of stuff aired by Falun Gong? If we cannot, we would become the laughingstock of the world. Our leading cadres at all levels, especially high-level officials, should become sober now!

Secretary Bureau of CCCCP Central Office, April 27, 1999
(720 copies printed in total)


The Notification from the Central Office of The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCCCP) on Printing and Distribution of “Comrade Jiang Zemin’s Speech at the Meeting of the Political Bureau of CCCCP Regarding Speeding Up the Dealing With and Resolving the “Falun Gong” Problem”

On June 7 this year, Comrade Jiang Zemin made an important speech at the meeting of the Political Bureau of CCCCP, expatiating profoundly on the questions of (how to) profoundly realize the international background and domestic environment in which the problem of “Falun Gong” has emerged; (how to) strengthen and improve the party’s works on the areas of ideology and politics, organizations, propaganda and public works, (how to) speed up the dealing with and resolving the “Falun Gong” problems. Now this speech has been printed and distributed to you, you need to organize the standing members of the committees of CCP (or members of the Party Groups), study and carry out the measures. Report to the CCCCP about the situation in studying and carrying out the measures.

CCCCP Central Office, June 13, 1999

Comrade Jiang Zemin’s Speech at the Meeting of the Political Bureau of CCCCP Regarding Speeding Up the Dealing With and Resolving the “Falun Gong”Problem

(June 7, 1999)

In the recent period, there are two major events in the world and inside China.

One event is the military intervention on Yugoslavia Republic on March 24 by the US headed NATO, which also brazenly attacked our embassy in Yugoslavia using missiles on May 8. This has caused great indignation among Chinese people as well as peace-loving people around the world, and it has also exposed the hypocrisy in the human rights, democracy, freedom of press, and etc, that US and other western countries have propagated. The bad thing is turning into a good thing.

After the wanton and indiscriminate bombing for more than 70 days, Yugoslavia had passed austere tests, but it also suffered great loss. Therefore the Yugoslavian government had to accept the peace negotiation.

In this war, Russia acted like an ass in a lion’s skin. The US has seen through Russia’s deadly weakness of been feeble. US-headed NATO needed to “quit the scene honorably” as its bombing could not bring what it wanted, then Russia added pressure to Yugoslavian Republic. At the end, Yugoslavian Republic accepted the agreement outline drafted in the eight countries’ foreign minister meeting. The draft of the eight countries will be brought to the UN Security Council for discussion. The special envoy of EU and the President of Finland, Arherbsash, will soon come to China to brief the related situations.

We must urgently think and analyze, in depth and at full scale, the trend and new characteristics of the international affairs at the end of this century and the beginning of next century. Regarding the US-headed Western hostile forces’ strategic plot to “Westernize” and to “split” our country, we must clearly recognize it and keep high alert.

In the mean time, we must reinforce and improve the leadership of the Party, vigorously strengthen the coherence and battle-effectiveness of the Party at all levels and of the vast Party members.

The other event is the “Falun Gong” problem. On June 5, I saw a material [likely referring an article] by Li Hongzhi, which was spread out via the Internet and which it was said had already been distributed in some (Falun Gong) assistant centers. More and more facts have proven that the “Falun Gong” problem is not simple, we cannot overlook it, nor can we lose alertness. If this problem cannot be resolved rapidly, it will be a huge bane toward the society.

I have been pondering since April 25. Our Party has engaged in revolution and construction for nearly 80 years, controls the state power, has 2.5 million people’s army, has over 60 million Party members, has a great numbers of middle and high level leading cadres, how come a problem as that of “Falun Gong” has been allowed to emerge and to develop to such a degree? Obviously, one person as Li Hongzhi could not have such capability.

There is deep political, social, and even complicated international background behind the “Falun Gong” problem (event). It is the most serious event since that political storm in 1989. We must treat it seriously, study it deeply, and take powerful measures (against it).

The central committee has already agreed to let comrade Li Lanqing be responsible for establishing a “Team for Falun Gong” which specifically leads the dealing with “Falun Gong.” Comrade Li Lanqing will be the director and comrades Ding Guangen and Luo Gan will be vice directors, and those comrades in charge of the related departments will be the members of the Team. (The CCCCP Team on Falun Gong) will coordinately study the concrete steps, methods and measures for resolving the “Falun Gong” problem. The Central Committee, each national organ and governmental department, each province, each autonomous region, and each municipality directly under central government must closely cooperate (with the Team).

Since the 3rd General Meeting of the 11th CCCCP, our Party has made achievement that won world-wide notice in leading all the Chinese people to carry out reforms and opening up, and to carry out the socialist modernization constructions. However, we must see it with a clear mind that the society has undergone some profound and complicated changes under the new circumstances.

One example is the diversification of economic components and economical interests. We practice a fundamental economic system in which the state ownership is primary and other various ownerships coexist and grow together. As a result, the sources of income for the members of our society are greatly diversified. Since people’s economic status and interests have been changing, they of course will have various political demands.

For the owners of private enterprises and a few representatives from other economic components, Party committees at each level may consider to arrange them into the National Congress or the Political Consultative Conference so that their opinions and just demands can be reflected. This would also be beneficial for uniting all forces that can unite.

However, it is worth of noticing that some of them, especially those upstart who have gathered wealth using malfeasant approaches, are secretly scrambling for political power. Some of them use money to buy official posts in the government, or to buy status as commissioners and representatives. Some staff members including leading cadres in the organs of the Party and administrative branches have also been dragged down by them and become their protecting umbrella or spokespersons.

Another example is the diversification of styles in social lives. In the past, our Party’s ideological and political work could penetrate into numerous families. The cadres and Party members in grass root unit often make home visit. Nowadays, there is a two-day weekend each week and people have all kinds of small circles of life such as travel, party, and other social activities.

If led appropriately, these activities could enrich people’s cultural lives and help to stabilize and to advance the society. However, if our Party’s ideological work, political work, and public work cannot accustom to these social changes and do not create a new format acceptable to majority of people, the voice of the Party and the government would be weakened, and some bamboo telegraph or even rumors could be spreading automatically.

The third example is the diversification of social organizations. There are such organization as Workers’ Union, Communist Youth League, and Women’s Association which have been under the Party’s leadership for a long time. There are organizations of mass created after the Reform and Opening, in which relatively healthy and complete Party leadership exists. However, there are also various kinds of organizations which have never gone through valid registration procedures and are often outside the control and administration of various Party and government organs. There exist even some illegal organizations.

According to administrative statistics, the number is huge of organizations that have gone through official registration procedures, 1800 national organizations and ~200,000 regional organizations. They range from all kinds of associations of fellow townsmen, alumni, societies, research associations, foundations, to other kinds of social groups. There are Party members in most of those organizations, but no Party leadership in the majority of them. The Organization Department in the Central Committee, together with the Civil Administration Department in the government has issued its strategic plan that requires to establish Party leadership in all national organizations.

Yet another example is the diversification of employment posts as well as employment systems. As for the enterprises, some are in state-owned enterprises, some are in collective-owned enterprises, some are in private enterprises or joint ventures, some are self-employed, some have multiple jobs or on several posts.

In recent years, there are quite many people being laid off in state-owned and collective-owned enterprises. For making a living, they are looking for employments in all kinds of ways.

At the present time, there are no Party organizations in the majority of private enterprises or joint ventures. How to reinforce Party’s work in these enterprises and how to strengthen the ideology education and social control on those flowing and dispersed labors, are all new subjects to us.

Facing these new situations, new problems, and new changes, strengthening and improving the Party’s leadership, including the leadership in the areas of ideology, politics and organizations, are the fundamentally important issues for the purpose of consolidating our party’s reigning status and consolidating socialist regime in this new historical period.

Marxism believes that, in a society, economic basis determines the superstructures including politics, law and ideology; the superstructures in turn have motile retroactions and serves for the economic basis. This basic principle always has important guiding functions in our Party’s as well as country’s works in all areas.

If Party’s work in ideology and politics, in organizations, in propaganda, and in mass relations cannot catch up with the new circumstances or cannot accustom to the new changes, it will not be possible to strengthen and improve Party’s leadership.

If (we) surrender ourselves to it or are indifferent to it, then it is in fact giving up Party’s leadership. If (we) simply repeat the old methods, old approaches or old tones in propagandizing Marxism or Party’s principles and policies without considering the actual situations, it will not produce good results or even get just the opposite to what we wish.

If Party’s work in ideology and politics, in organizations, in propaganda and in mass were in flabby and paralyzed state, all kinds of stuffs like idealism, theisms, non-Marxism or even anti-Marxism would have a chance to grow, or even form a trend or a trend of thought and occupy our battlefields of ideology and politics as well as the public, and finally overrun. The formation and spreading of “Falun Gong” is worth our effort to summarize our experience and lessons from such angles and height, (we should) draw inferences about other cases from this instance so as to solidly improve and strengthen the Party’s work.

Falun Gong is not a religion. If it were a religion, then we can contain it according to the law, since the Constitution provides that citizens have freedom of religion and beliefs.

“Falun Gong” is not a political party. They know that it would not a good ending if they publicly identify themselves as a political party and oppose the Communist Party.

Therefore, they changed to take the form of “Qigong Practice”, which is neither a political party nor a religion, to beguile and fool the public. Within “Falun Gong”, there is a well-disciplined organization. With the labels of improving health and a legerdemain called “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance”, they even won over some Communist Party members and cadres, who have lost their political alertness, and penetrated into some of our Party and government units.

While our Party and government were focusing on important international and domestic issues, “Falun Gong” followers rallied in Beijing and other regions making waves. It is obvious that they must have clandestine political motives. Some political forces in western countries, particularly the United States, have focused, supported and used the leading plotters and organizers of “Falun Gong”. This does not happen by accident.

I think it can be said that the formation and spreading of “Falun Gong” is a political war launched by hostile forces domestically and overseas in order to fight against our Party for the masses and territories. Therefore, I have repeatedly emphasized that this issue is very complicated. If we cannot see its political nature and if we cannot solve this problem in an uncompromising way, we would make a historical mistake.

This matter affects many walks of life in the society and should be handled carefully. We must adhere to the principle of “tight inside and loose outside” and prescribe strict lines of policies in order to keep the society stabilized. We must strive for and unite the masses. As for the “Falun Gong” practitioners, the majority of them practice for the purpose of health. It is understandable and should be allowed. For those who have been poisoned by Falun Gong and become superstitious, we should patiently teach them science and atheism. We should wait for those who could not come round immediately. For those Communist Party members, Communist Youth League members, working and retired cadres who have been practicing Falun Gong, the Party and Youth League organizations and government administrations in the work units should patiently work on them, request them to draw a clear line, to immediately break away from Falun Gong organizations and come back to the Party line. For those who refuse to transform after repeated sessions, we must take necessary disciplinary measures pursuant to related policies and regulations. All departments, regions and work units must comply and carry out this task to the letter.If we can’t even accomplish this, how can we talk about politics [Communist Party line]? For those organizers and propagandists who did not know the facts and helped to spread Falun Gong influence, we should explain the reasons to them, show them the advantages and disadvantages, and request that they shall no longer participate in any Falun Gong organizations, and propaganda activities. We must isolate [Falun Gong] to the greatest extent and vigorously attack, according to the law, the small group of the core figures behind the scene and leading organizers and strategists inside Falun Gong who harbor political motives and incite social disorders. We must not be softhearted.

Upon its establishment, the CCCCP Team on Falun Gong shall take immediate actions to organize resources, track down the Falun Gong organizational structure throughout China, formulate a crackdown strategy, and be fully mobilized to break and wipe out Falun Gong. We shall not wage a war without preparations. We must waste no time in identifying transgressions committed by the head of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi, and his international background. We must quickly manufacture a package of information with sufficient facts, and expose in public his phonies and political motives in order to educate the vast cadres and masses. We must also gather local instances where Falun Gong practitioners were victimized. The instances should include those examples including schizophrenia, suicides by jumping off buildings, refusing to take medicine while sick and causing the deterioration or even death. We shall use facts to expose L’s lies. The heads of Communist Party and of government at all levels in all regions must take responsibility and in accordance to CCCP’s requirements, implement this task in their own localities.

In addition, we need to organize experts and scholars to conduct theoretical studies of the history of those social organizations and phenomena that exist throughout the history and both in China and overseas, where superstitions have been used to fool and deceive people, to conspire and revolt against the government. This is also a very important aspect of our efforts to teach materialism and atheism.