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Study Times: Reform of the Financial System is the Cure for China’s Economy

Study Times, a newspaper of the CCP Central Party School, recently republished an article from Value China on how to rescue the current imbalanced Chinese economy. The article first compared the Chinese financial system with the U.S. financial structure. Then it asserted that (1) the Chinese financial system is a weak link in China’s global positioning as it relies too heavily on manufacturing and (2) the large amount and the rapid growth of China’s foreign exchange reserves are proof of the lack of domestic consumption and international investments. The author believes that the Chinese financial system has a low service level, a lack of mid-to-small range banks, and a lack of local financial markets. Large national banks have monopoly power and they tend not to provide loans to small businesses even though they create a majority of the jobs in China. The lack of official local financial markets has also encouraged the growth of an underground financial market. In conclusion, the article called for “major structural adjustments.”

Source: Study Times, September 9, 2011