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China Press in the U.S. Urges China to Use “Soft Checks and Balances” to Deal with the U.S.

Xiao Dong, the chief editor of China Press, a U.S. based Chinese language newspaper, contributed a special article to People’s Daily. In the article, Xiao wrote that China should use “soft checks and balances” to deal with the U.S. “soft containment” of China which appeared as a recent adjustment to its strategy in the Pacific region. “Soft checks and balances include constraining the U.S. through international organizations, deterring the U.S. through economic means, restricting its freedom through diplomatic measures, and using ingenuity to lead the U.S. strategy toward failure. … Soft power is a capability while soft checks and balances are a means.” Specifically, “China should fully utilize the existing dialogue mechanism to resolve conflicts and seek a win-win situation; fully utilize the framework of international institutions and organizations, particularly those China can effectively influence; and fully use diplomatic means of all kinds to reduce the pressure.”

According to the U.S. based Jamestown Foundation, “China Press is directly controlled by the Chinese government. The paper is characterized by its substantial and timely news reports from Mainland China. It represents the voice and views of China’s Communist government.”

People’s Daily, December 21, 2011
Jamestown Foundation, “How China’s Government Is Attempting to Control Chinese Media in America”