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The Number of Social Media Users Tops 300 Million

On November 21, 2011, the 11th China Internet Media Forum was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Over 300 representatives from the central government, Xinhua News, People’s Daily, China News Service, Internet media companies, and academia attended the forum. A Deputy Chief of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party Central Committee spoke at the forum. He stated that there are three trends worth noting: first is that the Internet is becoming more like media and increasingly impacts society; second, the Internet is getting more “mobile;” and third, micro-blogs and other social media are rapidly gaining momentum.

The statistics released at the forum show that the number of Internet users in China is approaching 500 million, that close to 350 million Internet users use cell phones to browse the Internet, and that 900 million cell phone users may be potential customers of the mobile Internet. The most significant trend in Chinese Internet is the burgeoning growth of the social media micro-blogs, with users topping 300 million. Led by the State media, the attendees adopted the Wuhan Declaration, a pact to “vigorously promote socialist core values.”

Source: China News Service reprinted by Huanqiu, November 21, 2011