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Outlook Weekly: Why the West Has Been Wrong about China’s Economy

Outlook Weekly published an article about the West’s pessimistic forecasts for China’s economy. The article pointed out that these negative Western forecasts about China’s economy have never materialized. It stated that there are three reasons: One, Western economists do not want to see a rising China and have the wishful thinking that China will go downhill and collapse. Two, the Western economists measure China against the history of the growth of Korea and Japan. They believe that if other countries such as Korea and Japan did not make it, then China will not be able to make it either. Three, China’s market economy is one that is atypical. When Western economists reviewed the prospects for China’s economy, they relied on the methodology and standards applicable only to typical market economies. That is why their grim forecasts for China have failed to materialize.

Source: Outlook Weekly reprinted by, January 21, 2012.