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Scholar Calls for More Research on the U.S.

International Herald Leader, a newspaper under Xinhua News Agency, published an article on January 9, 2012, titled “More Researches Should Be Conducted on the Fatal Flaw of the United States.” The author of the article is Mr. Sun Zhe, a professor and director of the Center for US-China Relations, Tsinghua University. Sun suggested that the U.S. high-profile involvement in the South China Sea and President Obama’s criticism of China is normal. Having met many Americans including the U.S. vice president, former senior politicians, and think tank scholars, Sun concludes that the Americans are increasingly viewing China as a threat to the United States.

“The more China is viewed as a country that will surpass the U.S. in GDP, the more we must be modest and be aware of our shortcomings.” To outwit the U.S. diplomatically, Sun suggested doing more academic research exchanges so as to better understand the U.S. and China.

Source: International Herald Leader, January 9, 2011