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Outlook Weekly: How to Reform China’s Financial Safety System

Outlook Weekly, a weekly magazine under Xinhua, recently published an article on the way to establish a new system to ensure China’s financial safety. The article identified four major relationships to focus on: (1) the relationship between financial risks and economic development; (2) the relationship between financial openness and financial protection; (3) the relationship between financial freedom and government monitoring and administration; (4) the relationship between speed versus profit, and scale versus quality. 
The article discussed six strategic components of financial safety: (1) controlling the risk in international capital flows; (2) enhancing financial monitoring and administration; (3) coordinating currency policies; (4) examining the goal of currency exchange rate policies; (5) reforming foreign currency management; (6) adjusting international payment balances. 
The article called for four operational actions: (1) adjusting the government’s role; (2) developing a new financial theory to handle the new situation; (3) ensuring financial stability; (4) deploying new risk control measures.
Source: Outlook Weekly, June 4, 2012