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U.S. Intelligence Sees China as One of the Top Threats

Global Times, which is under the Chinese state’s daily news, People’s Daily, recently reported on the U.S. Senate’s “Global Threat Hearing.” The report was based mainly on an NBC report published on February 1. Multiple high ranking U.S. intelligence officials called China, Russia, and Iran “the top threats.” In the report, the belief was expressed that both China and Russia are countries “fond of” mounting Internet attacks against important U.S. industrial and government targets. The head of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, III, suggested that Internet spying, computer based crimes, and network attacks against major infrastructures are replacing terrorism to become the top threats that the U.S. faces. According to the Washington Post, Iran was added to the “top threats” list this year, in addition to China and Russia.

Source: Global Times, February 2, 2012