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Coping with the New U.S. Military Strategy

Guangming Daily published a commentary about how to deal with the new U.S. military strategy that is targeting China. The article stated, “After having finished its mission in the anti-terrorism battlefield, the U.S. military has turned around to look for new opponents.“

“In opposing the new military strategy of the U.S., China should be realistic and calm. It cannot compete one on one in the areas of equipment and strategy. China should modernize militarily from a bigger view, develop aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, stealth aircraft, cruise missiles, sea/land-based long-range ballistic missiles, and other equipment with strategic significance. First, (China should) turn around the weak military situation as a whole and ensure the protection of China’s security as soon as possible. Then we can deal with them one by one.”

“From a military comparison, ‘the U.S. is strong and we are still weak.’ … The Chinese army should take advantage of this valuable stable and opportunistic period and develop some “big items” that can fortify our military foundation. By then, the American’s little tricks will be no big deal.

Source: Guangming Daily Online, February 8, 2012