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Xinhua: Holiday Economy Can Be Strategic for Domestic Consumer Spending

Xinhua reported that the recent Mid-Autumn Holidays delivered an unexpected test result on the newly implemented no-fee freeway policy for vehicles with seven seats or less. Stimulated by this new policy, a large number of car owners took the opportunity to travel. As a result, surprisingly strong consumer spending took place at tourist attractions during China’s Golden Week. The holiday, which started on National Day on October 1, commemorates the anniversary of the founding of the PRC on October 1, 1949. National statistics showed that 119 famous tourist attractions reported an average sales increase of 19.47 percent as compared to the same period last year. Freeway traffic volume in Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing increased 30 percent to 70 percent. The number of domestic tourists was estimated to reach 345 million for the holiday week alone. However, the extremely high traffic volume in some areas caused major congestion, which also made news. Economists took notes and are studying the value of this phenomenon as a strategic base for stimulating domestic consumer spending so as to give a boost to the falling economy.
Source: Xinhua, October 7, 2012