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Xinhua: Chinese Currency Exchange Rate Reached Record Highs

on October 19, 2012, Xinhua reported that the rate of exchange of China’s RMB to the U.S. Dollar hit record highs for the past six consecutive days. China’s central bank released the interbank foreign exchange market’s central parity rate at RMB 6.3021 to USD $1 on October 18. It is widely believed that the primary cause of this increase is that the U.S. Dollar weakened after the Federal Reserve kicked off QE3. Another possible cause is the RMB appreciation pressure from China’s neighboring countries. Experts are worried about the negative impact this round of RMB appreciation has had on China’s exports. However the RMB futures market also demonstrated an expectation that the RMB will be devalued in the long run. This means the probability of a major RMB fluctuation is unlikely. 
Source: Xinhua, October 19, 2012