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There is Nothing Remarkable about the U.S. New Military Strategy

Guangzhou Daily published a commentary criticizing the United States’ new military strategy. “The new U.S. military strategy shows that, as its national power is declining, the U.S. is helpless – it has no choice but to adjust it military strategic objectives and downsize its military forces. At the same time the U.S. demonstrates that it is obstinate in maintaining its superior military power and world hegemony. It is attempting to get away from wars it cannot afford to continue, and is aiming its strategic spearhead very unwisely at its so-called ‘potential adversary’ [China] that upholds peaceful development. … Of course, we do not want to be treated this way, but the U.S. insists. Therefore we do not need to cover up for the U.S. Secondly, there is no need to panic. It is nothing more than containment and constraint, to assemble and win over allies, and to compress our strategic space. We have had that experience before and there is nothing remarkable about it.”

Source: Guangzhou Daily reprinted by Xinhua, February 12, 2012