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Population to Be Relocated to Fill the Ghost Town of Ordos

Ordos, a major subdivision of Inner Mongolia in China, is known for its coal production and lavish government projects. One is the new City of Ordos, a large city with abundant infrastructure that residents seldom use and which has frequently been described as a "ghost town." 

In 2012, developers completed the construction of about 4.33 million square meters. However, the demand was weak. For example, in one development, since the second half of 2010, only two of the 25 completed buildings have been available for sale. The Ordos government has taken action to establish non-coal industries and to re-locate its rural population to the city. The entire population in Ordos is about two million. The authorities estimate that if all are relocated to the city, it would create a demand for 6,000 square meters of housing, assuming a usage of 30 square meters per person. 
Source: China Securities reprinted by Xinhua, September 12, 2013