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Due to Local Debts, Shadow Banking, and Property Bubbles, China’s Economy May Crash at Any Time

On December 3, 2013, the Hexun website, a leading financial and securities information website in China, published an article on three major financial risks that China faces. The three major financial risks in China are local government’s debts, shadow banking, and property bubbles. Once one of these 3 financial risks gets out of control, China’s economy may crash at any time.

China’s local government’s debts have been growing continuously in recent years. Currently, local debts have reached around 20 trillion Chinese yuan, which is 40 percent of its total GDP for 2012. Shadow banking in China poses the 2nd biggest risk for its financial system. As China has never publicized any real estate statistical data, there has been a debate as to whether China has a property bubble. However, according to scholars’ research there are 68 million vacant housing units in China. If that is true, then China’s property bubble is very large. Once the bubble breaks, a destructive domino chain reaction may not only crash China’s economy but also lead to wide scale social unrest in China.

Source: Hexun, December 3, 2013