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Xinhua: Central Government Economic Work Conference Held in Beijing

Xinhua reported that China’s Central Government Economic Work Conference was held from December 10 to 13. All members of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party Politburo attended the Conference. President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech summarizing the economic work done in 2013. He explained his overall requirements and goals for 2014. Premier Li Keqiang laid out his macroeconomic policies as well as detailed arrangements of the path to the deliverables. The Conference pointed out six focal tasks for the coming year: (1) Firmly ensuring national food security; (2) Vigorously adjusting industrial structures; (3) Pressing hard on debt risk prevention and control; (4) Actively promoting coordinated development among regions; (5) Protecting and improving the livelihood of the people; and (6) Continuously raising the level in implementing the nation’s “Opening-Up” policy. The Conference called for sustaining “steady growth” while implementing adjustments and reforms. The officials in top leadership from all provinces, key cities, central government ministries, primary state-owned companies, and banks, as well as the military attended the Conference. 
Source: Xinhua, December 13, 2013