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People’s Daily: Land Resources Restricted in Cities with Population over Five Million

People’s Daily recently reported that Jiang Daming, Minister of Land and Resources, announced in a speech given at a conference that from now on cities with a population of over five million will not be granted new land resources for construction. However, this new rule does not apply to land that’s considered “living space,” which means the housing market will not immediately be impacted. Most of the capital cities of the provinces fall within the scope of the new rule. This is in line with the recently announced new policy of strict control of the scale of the population in large cities. The new rule focuses on managing the supply of industrial and business land. The Ministry of Land and Resources is encouraging cities to make better use of the land they have already been granted. Jiang also pointed out that, in addition to this new rule, more regulations are being planned to enable the clear identification of city boundaries. The up-coming policies will ensure the safety of permanent agricultural land.
Source: People’s Daily, January 10, 2014